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Community Guidelines

Users must be respectful to each other.

Racist, sexist, homophobic and abusive comments made by members to each other will not be tolerated. In this case, comments will be deleted.

Don’t publish violent, provocative, degrading content or comments from users that incites hatred towards people or certain groups based on people’s religious belief, race, ethnic origin, age, social status, political opinion, sexual orientation, or physical condition.

In the course of using advanced collaboration systems, by definition  people will frequently encounter each other electronically. Like any  other online system in use at our companies, the standard Code of  Conduct applies. However, here are some additional guidelines for your  electronic behavior.


You are personally responsible for your postings, so ensure they are accurate and appropriate.

Speak as yourself; don’t act differently just because you are online.

Manage your time appropriately. Do not let your job suffer because you spent too much time in social networking environments.


There is no place for inappropriate comments; don’t make any.

Consider  that the people you encounter may be from different companies and  countries and have different policies, approaches and customs than  yourself. Just because things may be different does not mean they are wrong.

Don’t ignite online arguments; they are counterproductive.


Do participate when you have something useful to offer. Don’t keep good stuff secret.

Support others when you observe them doing something good.

Don’t be anonymous; always use your own identity.


Do follow your respective corporate conduct policies, standards and procedures.

Don’t abuse other’s copyrights by using their material without appropriate permission and attribution.

Don’t  release company confidential information, or any information that would  be considered personal, private or security related.

Don’t store, post, acquire or in any way use illegal or inappropriate files or information. Screen Offensive comments about the messenger or moderator decision are likely to be deleted.

Dailymailalbania reserves the right to delete the accounts of users who send special messages containing insults and profanity to the Dailymailalbania employees.

It is forbidden to send spam messages. If the same and similar messages are sent more than once, they will be intervened.

Comments that contain or are likely to be disrespectful to judicial authorities are not tolerated. This includes everything that will affect the ongoing or future proceedings.